Arizona April 2019

by May 6, 2019

Bill Passes in AZ to Require School Violence Reports

Arizona Legislators have passed HB 2219, a bill that requires schools to create procedures to report crimes involving serious injuries, deadly weapons, or conduct that threatens to seriously injure students or school employees on campus. The bill mandates that parents or guardians of students involved must be notified of any incidents fitting into this category. Representative Nancy Barto stated that concerns with parents not being notified in the past prompted the introduction of the bill. Additionally, there were concerns that past death threats and shooting threats were not being reported to school personnel or law enforcement.

Other Arizona legislators expressed their concerns over school safety. However, some legislators proposed that student safety should be addressed by providing more access to school counselors and social workers. Further concerns over whether police involvement in every incident of school violence was detrimental to a student’s future opportunities.

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