Arizona May 2019

by Jun 5, 2019

State Budget to Address Legislative Spending, Election Services, School Safety,
and Affordable-Housing.

Arizona’s $11.8 billion budget will not only be used to improve highways, increase teacher pay, and raise state employee pay. The legislative chambers also significantly increased their budgets. The Senate will increase its budget to almost $13 million for staff expenses and the House will increase its budget to $16 million for capital improvements. This is a significant increase from the Senate’s previous $3 million budget and the House’s $2.5 million budget.

Other notable items on the state’s budget allocation include approximately $1.3 million toward election services and over $500,000 for the Attorney General’s Office to investigate voter fraud. Schools also received $20 million that will be used to hire on-campus counselors and police officers. Additionally, in an effort to address homelessness, $15 million will be allocated to programs for affordable-housing.

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