New Mexico June 2019

by Jul 8, 2019

Lawmakers Discuss Impact of Education Lawsuit

Many questions still exist regarding New Mexico’s attempt to address the quality of education for at-risk students. The Public Education Department, legislators, superintendents, and the Transform Education in New Mexico coalition met in June to discuss the impact of the new laws and appropriations aimed at addressing the issue. Lawmakers highlighted several problems including the difficulty that small school districts faced in increasing teacher salaries which ultimately resulted in short budgets. Additionally, there was great concern over how the districts were using the additional $120 million.

 In response to these concerns, the Department pointed out that school districts will be required to report on how the at-risk funding is being used. During the discussion, the Department highlighted several of its goals. These goals include developing a culturally responsive educational structure, improving programs for children with disabilities, and executing a curriculum that focuses on developing critical thinking skills.

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