New Mexico Sept 2019

by Oct 7, 2019

New Mexico Responds to Vaping Controversy  

Following suit with several other states in the country, New Mexico is the latest state to respond to the controversy surrounding electronic cigarettes. Some states, such as New York and Michigan, have issued an outright ban on vape products. Instead, the New Mexico Department of Health issued an order that requires warnings to be placed on cannabis vaping products. This requirement does not apply to nicotine vaping products. Additionally, the Health Secretary urged individuals to refrain from vaping until there is more research available on its effects. The CDC has issued a similar health advisory.

 The New Mexico Department of Health and the Health Secretary’s actions are a response to the recent hospitalization of 14 New Mexicans. 13 out of 14 of the incidents have involved cannabis vaping products rather than solely nicotine. The Department of Health has decided not to issue an outright ban on vaping products at this time, although the Department has stated that it may take further steps depending on national trends.

 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of October 1, 2019 there have been 1,080 lung injury cases nationwide associated with e-cigarette and vaping products. There has been 18 deaths associated with e-cigarette and vaping products. However, the CDC also reports that most of these patients have reported a history of using cannabis vaping products. 

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