Utah March 2019

by Apr 12, 2019

Utah’s Medicaid Expansion

Although Utah has not yet received a waiver from the federal government to expand Medicaid, the state is looking to go forward with the scheduled partial Medicaid expansion. SB 96 is a bill that expands Utah’s Medicaid plan. Utah’s Department of Health spokesman stated that he believes the federal government will provide a waiver in time. Additionally, he stated that the state was ready to move forward immediately once the plan is approved by the federal government.

Utah’s Medicaid program would add work requirements for individuals that qualify for Medicaid. Despite a federal judge’s ruling against several states’ addition of work requirements for Medicaid recipients, the spokesman does not believe the decision will impact the waiver’s approval. The spokesman stated that although there would be work requirements for beneficiaries, the work requirements would not be enforced. If SB 96 is adopted, a large number of Utah residents may no longer qualify for Medicaid benefits. There is some concern that the plan will bring legal disputes.

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